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Making the Green Choice with Sustainable Sport Travel Solutions


Climate change is the biggest issue facing our planet right now and thanks to Covid, Cop 26 and activists like Greta Thunberg we all feel more knowledgeable, accountable, responsible and inclined to act.

Sporting organisations are taking a leading role in implementing a sustainability sport travel solution. Travel typically accounts for between 50-80% of the carbon emissions of a sports organisation*. The challenge sports face and accept is that travel is necessary to ensure athletes, teams and organisations arrive at their planned destination in order for sports events to take place. Now more than ever, it is crucial to select a sustainable travel programme that works for your organisation.

As a global specialist in sports travel, CTM Sport was an early adopter and recognised the need to put in place a strong sustainability strategy. In 2022 we have become a pioneer in providing workshops and insight sessions on how to embed sustainable travel strategies, as well as offering industry-leading solutions to our clients, placing sustainability at the top of our agenda.

While implementing a sustainable sport travel programme may have once felt like an overwhelmingly enormous commitment, it is no longer as time or cost-prohibitive, and this is also helping to drive a collective commitment to change.

At CTM Sport we understand and embrace our sustainability responsibilities as a partner (and an employer) and we believe we have an incredibly important role to play in helping athletes, teams, organisations and suppliers to make the right choices for the planet. Technology is proving to be a real game-changer in supporting our partner’s sustainability goals, whether that’s through carbon offsetting or reduction.

Sustainable Sport Travel Solutions

CTM Sport recognises the leading role that global sports are taking in the fight against climate change and as such, offers a variety of initiatives to support a greener strategy with sustainable sport travel solutions, including:

Making The Green Choice

CTM’s proprietary booking tool, Lightning, highlights ‘green choices’ within its search results, clearly displaying and encouraging bookings for the most carbon-friendly option for the traveller’s journey.

Carbon Budgets

A new development for CTM is tagging carbon allowances per organisation, department, or user; with the carbon impact for each booking being deducted from the user/group allowance. Limits are flagged when reached and results on usage can be displayed within the portal and captured in reporting.

Considering Routes

We will assess key routes and identify which destinations are the best for more environmentally friendly direct flights based on volume, cost, and frequency. 

Embedding Greener Policy Initiatives

Your account manager will provide an advisory service to improve environmental sustainability throughout your event travel. We can look at the possibility of utilising hybrid, electric, or active transport available in all event locations.

 Creating a Culture of Knowledge-Based Decisions

CTM’s SMART Data reporting tool provides visibility to your programme’s carbon footprint across air, hotel, car, and rail. Our at-a-glance summary snapshots can be dissected down to individual traveller, trip, and supplier levels.

  • Total CO2 emissions by month
  • Average CO2 emissions per trip and per traveller
  • CO2 emissions by service type (air/hotel/ car/rail) and by the service provider
  • CO2 emissions by fare class
  • Estimated CO2 offset costs per month, per trip and per traveller using the latest ACCU carbon credit pricing

Reaching Neutrality Together – CTM Climate+

Climate+ helps our customers understand the environmental impact of their travel, meet carbon neutrality goals and support environmental sustainability initiatives.

You are invited to offset your carbon footprint through CTM Climate+. CTM Climate+ enables clients to offset carbon emissions created by air, hotel, car rental, and rail travel by supporting a range of environmental sustainability initiatives including rainforest conservation, sustainable livelihood programmes, wildlife protection, and renewable energy.

If the sports industry is to achieve its carbon neutrality goals, then technology will always be key, but so will collaboration and we look forward to continuing to support athletes, teams, organisations and our partners to make the right green choices.


Reference: *Life Tackle, Birmingham County FA, Sustainability Workshop, February 2022.

Is it time to make the green choice? Contact our team to discuss your travel needs.